Linking the Dictionary of Old Dutch to A Thesaurus of Old English – A First Exploration

At the Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (Dutch Language Institute), DiaMaNT, a diachronic semantic computational lexicon of Dutch, is being developed, based on the scholarly historical dictionaries of Dutch. The main purpose of this lexicon is to enhance text accessibility and foster research in the development of concepts. For more information we refer to the DiaMaNT page.

We published an article in Amsterdamer Beiträge zur älteren Germanistik, which explores the feasibility of enriching DiaMaNT with an existing semantic classification by linking a subset of the vocabulary of the Dictionary of Old Dutch to A Thesaurus of Old English.

On this page, we provide access to the resulting dataset, which will also be integrated in the Evoke platform, as tab-separated values and as N-Triples. We also provide high-resolution copies of the images in the article, some of which are hard to read in the printed copy.

Figure 2. Exploiting cognates and the Frisian kinship dataset.
Figure 3. Subcategories of TOE category “ Lacking moral good”.
Figure 4. Subcategories of TOE category “12.09.02 Marriage ceremony”
Figure 5. Evaluation of sense matching technique for the random set: n vs R@n.
Figure 6. Concept display of matching results for the ONW word rasten ‘to rest’.